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May. 8th, 2009



Umm... I haven't been on in forever. Covenspace took me in...by the way....umm...what else...oh! I'm doing a research project and I need pagans to respond to a survey please! Click Here to take survey...

And that's it...


Dec. 17th, 2008


Amazing day

So, today was just great. I clicked with Mark a lot more than usual and it made for a nice experience even though all we did was clean the house. I also feel productive and happy!

Just some short updates to get in the hang of blogging once more. I'll have something useful to say soon!

<3 Panda

Dec. 16th, 2008



If I've been silent lately, it has been because most of my thoughts have been turned completely inward to a point where I can hardly keep them straight. It has been awhile since I've blogged and I suppose I just have to get back into it!

I have a lot on my mind I just can't get into words. The Church is coming along well. The only problem is that I have this faith...beyond faith. I have something figured out that I KNOW but I can't get out. There is a rhythm that I want to describe, rationalize, explain and share. It's just so complex there are hardly words. I start putting it into words and I end up with 26 pages without scratching the surface of what I'm trying to convey.

Sep. 13th, 2008


Our Sapphire Love

Sep. 12th, 2008


Our Sapphire Love

Jul. 22nd, 2008



Commitment. It's not terrible. Even light commitments should be kept. I wish those who make commitments would keep them so I can count on someone sometimes.

I do the work, I just want some one to share it with. Seriously.


Jun. 14th, 2008


Customer Service Rant

Please be advised. Rant ahead.

I really needed to get that off my chest before PSG. By the way, I'm leaving tomorrow! YAY! I visited my former place of employment and I was once again disgusted with the behavior of "customers." How people can act that way in public...they have no sense of decency...or ... I don't know what else. Just horrible.

But I'm gone. tata!

May. 27th, 2008


Fluffy Bunny, really?

So, seriously, “fluff(y) bunny” is still an actual insult among modern Pagans. It is used by Wiccans to point out new or misguided Wiccans, and it is used by non-Wiccan Pagans to point out Wiccans. Fluffy Bunnies can be labeled according to a plethora of criteria, including:

  1. Stubborn disregard of any “dark” or “balancing” factors in a religion. The blessing, “In Love and Light,” has also been banned due to Fluffy Bunny over-use.

  2. Little research or knowledge of Pagan history, especially if the little research involves any of Margaret Murray's since-refuted claims.

  3. Hyperbolic exaggeration of one's qualifications to be a witch, Wiccan, faerie or otherkin. Generally, it is assumed that the information is made-up and often involves past life experiences with mythological figures.

  4. Association of a Pagan religion with a role-playing game, a gothic fashion sub-culture, or a fantasy/sci-fi novel or series.

Many times, I find that those who use the phrase the most fit into these criteria the best. Honestly, Fluffy Bunnies are just about anyone who has not found a true balance within their spirituality. If you are too “light” or too “dark,” too metaphysical or too factual, you are prone to the Fluffy Bunny label. Imbalance generally denotes newness, which is not uncommon within the Pagan community. This Fluffy Bunny period can last for weeks or years, and one's newness to the Pagan community cannot be measured in time, but experience.

Where do we find this experience? Meet more Pagans, listen to other views and theologies with an open but rational mind. If you talk to more Pagans online than you do in your local community, seek out more locals and connect. Volunteer for you local organization or coven and get involved.

It isn't about newness, inexperience or faulty personality, it's just imbalance. Many take years to find their center. Changing religions is difficult, and most Pagans today have come to their current path from an entirely different one.

By the way, “In love and light,” is a blessing, similar to, “I hope all is well,” and not an expression of totality. Silly rabbits...


May. 11th, 2008


So, a monthly entry now?

Eh, I'm no good on keeping up with things apparently. My photobucket is up. Username feralblaed. Go figure.

Working on many things, the office is done and the kittens are taken care of.


I'm sitting in the Wendy's lobby using their wifi, but I should be at home using ours. It's too cold here. My fingers aren't typing well...so I'll update later with prettier things.

Love yas!

Apr. 17th, 2008


Crazy Crazy...

So... everything is a little crazy right now. I just found out I can afford my own engagement ring whenever...and we're going through some issues he apparently doesn't want to go through...

AH! Better update later when I have at least half of my mind.



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